The Bahai always pride themselves on the Twelve Principles or Twelve teachings, which they promulgate. Listen to any Bahai speaker and you will find him harping on these Principles. He will declare that these are the best that can be found in any religion. These Principles have a great importance in The Bahai Faith and are central to their propagation. If these are proved null and void or incompatible and even opposite to the sayings and deeds of the Bahai leaders, the whole structure of The Bahai Faith will collapse like a pack of cards.

In this treatise, our main aim is to prove that these Principles by themselves are good to preach but are not followed by the Bahai leaders themselves in their words and deeds. We will take up each of these principles and nullify it, thus proving the falsity of the Bahai faith. We seek the help of Allah and His last Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (saw) in this endeavor.

These Principles were formulated by Abdul Baha and not by Bahaullah. This proves that neither Bab nor Bahaullah ascribed to this view or believed in these Principles nor was this their purpose of life. Since Bab and Bahaullah were in their lives against the principles of unity, justice and equality, Abdul Baha started to harp on unity and equality to calm the matter and shift focus away from the facts. The big question here is that was Abdul Baha a Prophet of God? Here it is interesting to note diametrically opposite viewpoints of the father, Bahaullah, and the son, Abdul Baha.

Abdul Baha declares in Badaaiul Aasaar (volume 2, page 57-58 printed at the Kashmir press, Mumbai in 1340 A.H.): " Abdul Baha - the Prophet of the East". While Bahaullah in Kitab-e-Aqdas, page 11 mentions that for the next 1000 years, there will be no new prophet. Anyone whom claims to be one is a liar.

Seven out of the twelve Principles revolve around Unity. They are:

  • Unity in the political realm.
  • Unity in the worldly matters.
  • Unity in freedom.
  • Unity in religion.
  • Unity in the nation.
  • Unity in the tongue.
  • Unity in genealogy.

    Had Abdul Baha or Shoghi Affendi been alive today, we could have sincerely requested them to first preach these Principles to the Bahai leaders and then only approach the rest of the world.

    What is Unity in freedom? Is it before or after freedom? If it means after freedom, then there is obvious Unity.

    Unity in religion:
    Does this say that all the people should only adopt one religion? Traditions state that once Hazrat Musa (pbuh) prayed to Allah to make all the people his followers. Then Allah replied to him that He had not done this thing for Himself. Maybe the Bahai God Bahaullah having seen that the God of the Muslims is reluctant to do this and has decide to do this himself. But ironically within Bahais themselves there are at least two major divisions at loggerheads with each other - the 3rd generation Bahai and the Orthodox Bahai.

    National and Lineal Unity:
    We are completely perplexed by this. Only when we recall the incident of Badasht where Tahera declared that Bab has the right to give a believer anybody's wife. Then we can seek to understand this Principle.

    Unity in tongue:
    The Bahais have yet to officially announce the alphabets of the new language they have invented for every person in the world.

    Political Unity:
    Another absurdity of the Bahai leaders. If there is Unity then, where is the politics, also if world leaders achieve political unity then the result will be severe oppression of the masses.

    Now let us take a fleeting glance at the Unity that prevailed among the Bahai and their leaders.

    Unity between Bahaullah and his brother Subhe Azal.
    Professor Browne in his book 'Materials For The Study Of The Babi and Bahai Faith' writes regarding the ordinance of the Turkish Government on 5th RA 1585 A.H. wherein it is written that it seems that there is enmity between Mirza Subhe Azal and Bahaullah and their followers. It is therefore ordered that Subhe Azal along with his supporters go to Cyprus and Bahaullah and the rest of the other disciples migrate to Akka. These are the very proponents of Unity on a universal level, while two brothers cannot live in peace and the government had to send them away separately to far off places. How can such people spread Unity!

    Bahaullah murdered Mohammad Isfahani, Aga Jan Kashani, Mirza Reza Quds, Nasrullah Tafrashi and Mahmood Haj on 22nd January 1872 in Akka. As a result Bahaullah and his sons Abdul Baha and Mohammad Ali got six months jail sentence, while others served sentence for seven years and some of them even served for 15 years (Nigashte Haji Maftoon, page 232). The Bahais plunder the innocent and murder their opponents and yet claim to spread unity!

    Bahaullah murdered Mohammad Ali Salman and two other Azalis and hid their bodies in a house in Akka. When the stench spread, Bahaullah saved his skin by saying that they had died their natural death (Reference: same as above).

    Professor Browne in the Persian preface of Nuktatul Qaf has mentioned that even among the Hurufe Hayy - Syed Ali Arab Tabrizi, Mullah Rajab Ali, Aga Mohammad Ali, Haji Mirza Ahmed Kashani the brother of Mirza Jani (author of Nuktatul Qaf), Haji Mirza Mohammad Raza, Hajim Ibraheem, Haji Jafar, Husain Ali, Aga Abul Kasim Kashani and Mirza Buzurg Kermanshahi were murdered at different places by the Bahais though they believed in the Bab they refused to acknowledge Bahaullah .

    Both Bahaullah and Subhe Azal used to accuse each other of cruelty and oppression. Bahaullah took precedence in complaining to the Ottoman Government and managed to stop the monthly stipend that Subhe Azal used to receive. Subhe Azal died in a state of abject poverty on 29th April 1912. There was no Bahai or Azali present to lift his body ('Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 312')

    Subhe Azal's eldest son used to work as a porter in the Cyprus Railway. A second son converted to Christianity. (Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 314)

    The last days of Bahaullah:
    Professor Browne narrates in 'Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion', page 206 - In the last days he was staying in Behji outside Akka with his second wife and children. His eldest son Abdul Baha used to live in Akka. His nature was so very repentant that cannot be described and such was never seen in him before. He often used to say, "Leave me alone in a dark and small room that I may cry over my past mistakes".

    The relations of Abdul Baha with his brothers.
    Bahaullah had two wives. From the first wife, Abdul Baha was the only surviving child. The other surviving children were from his second wife. Immediately after the death of Bahaullah, the brothers started to fight with each other. According to Mirza Jawad, Abdul Baha had a strong dislike to his brothers. Anybody who did not hate his brother, Mohammed Ali was called Kafir by Abdul Baha (Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 80-81).

    In 1898 when the younger brother of Mohammad Ali expired, Abdul Baha and his friends did not attend his funeral. On the contrary, Abdul Baha tried to kidnap the bereaved widow. However Mirza Khadimullah prevented this crime from taking place.

    In 1897 Khadimullah and Mohammad Ali declared that the acts and sayings of Abdul Baha were contrary to the divine laws. When Abdul Baha came to know of this he rushed inside the house of Mohammad Ali and drove him out naked while his followers were beating him. Even Abdul Baha himself beat him. He then ordered his followers to lock Mohammad Ali up in a stable and to snatch away all the writings of Bahaullah with him and to label him "Satan" (Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 85-87).

    This news reached Dr.Kahyrullah in America who was a renowned Bahai preacher. He left Abdul Baha and joined Mohammad Ali. Mirza Hassan KH** who was an ardent supporter of Abdul Baha then warned him that if he would not support Abdul Baha he would be killed. The followers of Abdul Baha have tried to commit murders in America also. (Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 156-157).

    Abdul Baha killed one of the supporters of Mohammad Ali - Mirza Yahya of Jeddah. (Kawkabe Hind, volume 7, pages 9-11. Also Materials For The Study Of The Babi Religion, page 156-157). The supporters of Abdul Baha called those who sided with Mohammad Ali as polytheists. Also Abdul Baha prohibited them from visiting the followers of Mohammad Ali.

    If the leaders have this attitude how can their followers maintain unity let alone spread it. In fact they should abstain from uttering the word unity altogether due to the shame their heinous crimes have brought upon humanity.

    Let us see some more of the numerous contradictions in belief and sayings of the Bahai proponents of unity.

    Ummiyat of the Bab.
    We do not know as to which of the two is correct Bab or Abdul Baha. However we find the following positions for the Bab.

    • Bab of the 12th Imam of the Shias
    • The 12th Imam
    • He is considered too be a prophet by Abdul Baha
    • God (Ruuhe Haykaluddin, page 5)
    • Salve of Baqiyatullah
    • He is considered as his heralder by Bahaullah.
    • Representative of Russia.
    • He himself refutes all the positions (Kashful Ghita, page 206)

    The claims of Bahaullah.

    • He considers Bab as his heralder. But is he the "Man Yazharahullaho"?
    • He considered himself a prophet (God Passes By).
    • He claims to be God.
    • "There is no God but Me, the Honoured, the Wise." (Kitabe Aqdas, page 42)
    • "Take what the Ancient Hand gives you."(Kitabe Aqdas, page 96)
    • "There is no God but Me, the securer, the regulator. Certainly We have sent the prophets and revealed the books." (Kitabe Aqdas, page 58)
    • "The God of eternity is in the prison." (Iqtedarat page 36)
    • "Everything other than Me is created by My command." (Kitabe Mobeen)
    • "I am the Greatest Branch (Abdul Baha) without any partners." (Behjatus Sudoor)
    • "We Bahais are certain of the eternal beauty." (Behjatus Sudoor page 217)
    • "Surely I am God. There is no God but me, the Lord of all things. Everything other than Me is My creation, then O My creation you worship Me." (Tajalliyate Baha, Tajalli 4)
    • Baha considers himself to be a Worthless Ant (Asare Kalame Aala vol.4 page 364)
    So many personalities in a single person! This is truly fantastic.

    Apart from those discussed above there are yet five principles:

    Equality between men and women:
    This statement is just to please women and in reality is just hogwash.

    Let us review some Bahai rules about gender equality

    • No women are included in the 9-member Universal House of Justice (UHJ) with the sole exception of the widow of Shoghi Affendi. Why only this lady is included? Is she not a normal woman!
    • The shroud to be given by the eldest male child. Women are disallowed.
    • Dower to be given to women only.
    • Polygamy is acceptable but polyandry is banned.
    • If a man wishes to travel he should inform his wife of the time duration, which if exceeds nine months the lady has right to remarry. Then if the husband does not specify the time of his journey the wife should wait for him all her life.
    • Maintenance of women is obligatory on the man.
    • Only women should attend to the household chores.
    • No Hajj for women. Nor are they expected to keep the fasts lapsed during the days of menstruation. Why? Tahera Qazvini sanctified her life for Bahaullah but her grave is not included in the Hajj. Why was her body not brought to Akka like others?
    • The house and the clothes of a deceased are the sole property of the eldest male child and nothing is there for women. Is this not inequality?

    Equality and justice for one and all.
    Firstly this is not a new principle - rather all religions and societies aim for its achievement. Secondly, it is important to see how have the Bahais interpreted this.

    The Bahais killed Mohammad Ibrahim by throwing him into the river Tigris for not believing in Bahaullah's call. (The Book of Haji Maftoon, page 23).

    They tried to assasinate Nasiruddin Shah the king of Iran.

    Bahaullah killed one hundred and thirty people in one night and plundered their belongings (Nuktatul Qaf page 161).

    Bahaullah ill treated his brother Subhe Azal and Abdul Baha did worse to his brother Mohammad Ali.

    Let us now see the Babi teachings in this regard.

  • Babis! God has made war obligatory upon you. Capture cities and people for Babism (Bayan chapter 1)
  • Do not let those who do not believe in the Bayan remain on the earth (Bayan chapter 1)
  • Snatch the wealth of those who do not believe in the Bayan (Bayan Arabic chapter 5)
  • Rejectors of Bab! Even if you take bath 1000 times in a day, you shall remain unclean.( (Bayan chapter 2)
  • Whatever belongings of the non-Babis come into possession of the Babis they become clean (Bayan chapter 4)

    No intelligent person will call this justice.

    Everyone should indulge in some work or activity.
    Is this not just common sense? Moreover do the Bahai get wages just idling that they should be exhorted for work. Maybe they mean that even if a person indulges in spying in the guise of a Dervish or murders innocent people to save his skin it is still "work".

    Removal of excessive richness and abject poverty.
    This is aim is reflected in the actions of attempting to murder the ruler of Persia and in decorating monuments in poor countries like India with marble worth more than two million dollars.

    Human life should be dispositioned around the Holy Spirit.
    In 'Some Answered Questions', Abdul Baha explains that anything can be deemed from one of the following means

  • senses,
  • intellect,
  • text,
  • holy spirit.

  • Then he goes on to explain that the first 3 ways are deceiving and only the fourth way is reliable This is a classic example of "If you cant convince then confuse". This is just a ploy to make the people disregard apparent facts and leave intellect and adopt a blind faith.

    Dear readers look at the above principles. They are frivolous when seen beside the lofty principles of Islam set out by our benevolent prophet Mohammad (SAW). Also there is a fundamental difference here, the laws of Islam are for the betterment of the individual and the mankind as a whole while theses man made rules can not do this.

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