Readers on my web site may be happy to learn that some of the articles are now available in Urdu. The process of translation of the other articles is on and Inshallah, should be completed in a time bound manner. The initiative to undertake the translation of the articles is of my brother and friend - Mohammed Faruq from Pakistan. His story is shared below and I encourage my readers to go through it.

The Bahai Faith is clearly an organised attack on Islam and its fundamentals. While on one hand, it opposes the finality of the Prophethood and the Messengership of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (pbuh), at the other, it claims to be the harbinger of the promised peace and justice of Islam. It opposes the version of the day of Judgement promised in traditions and also claims to have abrogated the Quran. The web site which you are browing is just a small effort directed at Muslims and Bahais alike to make them aware of the true face of the Bahai Faith.

The availability of these articles in Urdu is indeed a great leap forward. Do visit and recommend it to your friends as well.

I encourage my readers who are familiar with other languages to come forward and help to make this information available in other languages as well. Bahais take pride in telling us that their material in available in so many languages. It is appropriate that an alternative view of the Bahai Faith be available as freely as well.

With this, I thank Allah and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for this opportunity. I wish Mohammed Faruq all the best for his effort and pray for his success.

All praises are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Letter from Mr. Mohammed Faruq
The memory of that day still lingers on in my mind. It seems like yesterday that a group of foreigners - three women accompanied by one an elderly gentleman drove up to my village. Dressed impeccably, they strode to the house of Usman bhai, the patriarch of the village; offered him a gift and spoke to him about the Bahai Faith.

Before long, they turned their attention to the youth in the crowd and soon I found myself listening intently to their discourse. The Bahai Faith, they said, is the new message from the Almighty and Bahaullah, a new prophet, sent to unite mankind and to spread the message of peace and security. Importantly, as per the Bahais, Qiyamat - the Day of resurrection had come and gone. Even though I heard them, I clearly remember asking myself this question on that day - could there really be another prophet superior to the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) as the Messenger of peace and amity? Also if Qiyamat had come and gone, then were were the Heaven and Hell which were promised to us for our deeds by the Holy Prophet (pbuh)? These questions remained with me much after they left and as I shared this with my people, I realised that I was not alone in my doubts.

But I admit, they had caught my imagination and I was keen to learn more about them. I asked many people in my community about them, but with little information forthcoming, I turned to my teacher and my mentor, Professor Dildaar Hussain Zaidi.

Professor Dildaar informed me about - a web site dedicated to highlighting little known facts about the Bahai Faith. He mentioned that he was in touch with Dr. Imran Shaykh - the author of the web site and that he himself had contributed a few articles to it. Professor Dildaar encouraged me to visit it and exchange my views with Dr. Imran.

I took his advice in all earnest and was astounded by the amount of information on the web site. The articles conclusively answered my questions - there can be no new prophet or messenger after the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh). Far from it, Islam considers the belief in a prophet or messenger after the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as kufr (heresy). Bahais clearly misinterpret the Quran, offer selective traditions (many without references) and hide the dark history of their leaders. Many Bahai beliefs and elements of history which were not outlined on that fateful day also became clear by reading the web site.

As I read about the Bahai Faith, my mind wandered to that day and the people of my village who were, in a sense, deceived by the Bahais. I was keen to translate the articles into Urdu, for the benefit of my people. I sought permission from Dr. Imran Shaykh for the same. He not only graciously accepted my request, but also suggested that I should host the articles in Urdu on the Internet. Besides, Urdu is pretty much the language of Islam especially in the subcontinent - Pakistan and India. So in that sense, the articles would reach a larger audience.

The idea that was born out of an event on an ordinary day in my village has now become a full fledged web site - I hope to, over a period of time, translate all the articles on and add original articles as well. Readers to the web site are more than welcome to contribute. I thank Allah and the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) for the opportunity to serve Islam by making Muslims aware of the true nature of the Bahai Faith. I would also like to thank Dr. Imran Shaykh and pray for the success of his efforts in educating Muslims.

All praises are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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