For the sake of privacy, the names of the writers have not been published. Of course there is a lot of hate mail as well. You will be surprised to read the choicest abuses I have been showered with by the proponents of this "non violent" faith.

  • Assalam Alaikum, Thank you so much, Shaykh .Alhamdulilah, Because of your site I renounced the Baha'i faith and proclaimed the Shahada a month ago. I cannot properly find the words to adequately express my appreciation....Allahu Akbar! Thank you sir!

  • Join any religion you want.But if you have any sense,avoid the Baha'is because the will work their way into your life with nice behavior and then they will exploit you.

  • Bahai Faith is a pure a self deception. The so-called prophet of this socalled religion says he had a dream in which Allah or God told him that he was the promised one for this age and he was the fullfillment of all the prophecies from all the major scriptures of all religions. But after studying and knowing his falsehood I have come to the conclusion that he has been using other religious prophecies to propogate his socalled bogus religion. He does not have any knowledge of Bhagwad Gita nor of Buddha. He just uses Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha and propogate his so-called cause. And in India they are systematically converting youngsters in this false religion.

    So many people are suffering with this and this must be taken up by the people of India and ask these deceitfull socalled religious community to stop using Hindu or Buddhist religious symbols such as lotus flower etc to propogate their self deception to the youth.

    Just imagine the impact of lotus flower temple in delhi? Indian youths are falling prey to this false religious glamour.

    People even does not know that this so called prophet had no knowledge of buddha nor of lord krishna.

    But he is using lord krishna and buddha and hindu and buddhist symbols to propogate the so called bahai religion.

  • i do believe that in various writings of Baha’ullah and other leaders of the past that the dawning of this dispensation does abrogate all other religious teachings. there are even curses of great suffering to those who do not recognize and follow this new dispensation.

    Contrary to its claims Baha’i faith is not the latest and greatest message from God, it is simple a new push from Islam in a new style for world domination. It is their aim to convert everyone to their way. The claiming of acceptance of other prophets and faiths is rather just window dressing to appear inclusive.

    This faith is clearly exclusivistic as are all religions born in the middle east.

  • Assalam alaykum, I was a Baha'i 4 many many years, and converted to Islam last March Alhamdulilliah! When i met a Muslim who taught me Islam.. Everything I believed while i was Baha'i came from Islam and Muhammad pbuh and everything i didn't believe came from Baha'i.... I came across your website "BahaiAwareness" several months ago. Keep up the excellent work it is a very much needed..

  • I was once a Shia Muslim who, because I was disillusioned by my faith, embraced the Baha'i religion. May Allah forgive me. Following the finding of your website, I have come to note the errors of my ways and shall be declaring once again my belief in Islam and seeking the forgiveness of my Lord.

    Ash-hadu ala ilaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadar rasulallah wa ash-hadu anna Aliyyun waliyullah

    May Allah reward you for this website. As if it was not for it, I would still be blind as to the 'real' Baha'i faith.

  • Alhamdolilllah! This site is very useful in understanding the actual belief of bahai faith and it helps the reader to keep away from them.

  • a really good site

  • best topic SUBHAN ALLAH (Article: Finality of Prophethood)

  • I would like to find some teachers or scholars interested in helping me counter and deconstruct Baha'i propaganda in America and the west. If anybody is interested, please write me at: julianwest .net. Anybody who can read Arabic -- the Arabic used by Baha'u'llah in his Kitab-i-Aqdas -- are especially sought after to expose manipulations and distortions of the translation given to the western Baha'is.

  • This is the best site I have seen deconstructing Baha'i propaganda, which is at this point absurdly mendacious to the point of absurdity. Based on the two preceding Kitab-i-Aqdas translations by Haddad and Elder, it is easy to have the impression that Wilmette-Haifa officialdom has distorted the text of that book in their translation for the sake of protecting their religion's fortunes. I analyze some of it at:

    I would like to find some Muslims qualified to translate Arabic into English and produce a more honest translation of the Kitab-i-Aqdas. If anybody is interested, please write me at

  • we are proud of our holy prophet (P.B.U.H)

  • You present some valid and correct information, but unfortunately every now and again you make fundamental mistakes which indicate that your reading of Baha'i documents is rather superficial. The Universal House of Justice does not interpret the Baha'i teachings and laws. It can clarify issues but not interpret them. There is a subtle and very important difference between interpretaion and clarification. You also sometimes refer to or quote from out of date translations. I suggest you go to the Baha'i electronic library and obtain texts and translations in Arabic, Persian and English from that site. Otherwise your examination of issues related to the Baha'i Faith is commendable.

  • Hello. My name is XYZ and I recently converted from Christianity to the Bahai Faith, believing its teachings of unity of mankind, gender equality, world government, and the fulfillment of past prophecies. I must confess I did not do any painstaking investigation to accept the message of Baha'u'llah. I suppose that was my big mistake. Now that I have stumbled onto your website, I finally had my questions answered as to the historicity of the Faith, although at first I was reluctant to accept your views seeing that you had a Muslim bias. Yet after seeing the thoroughly comprehensive nature of the website, and on learning through other sources about certain contradictions in the Faith, the most glaring being the Bab's recantation, I could not defend my views any longer after reflecting upon the rigorous coverage of the historicity of the movement your website brings. You know more about the Faith than most Bahais!

    Now I sincerely believe that the founders of Babism and the Bahai Faith are but mere impostors, pretending to be God. I thank you for this website and may God bless you for all the work you have done, which has definitely not been in vain and is only concerned with bringing out the truth. I now find myself without any religion, in a sort of limbo, only with a firm belief in the one true God. Rest assured, I won't start my own cult or anything like that.

    Once again I give my utmost thanks to you, to Denis MacEoin, to E.G. Browne, and your website for giving me much more depth and insight into the Faith and its deceptiveness, yet before I leave you alone and in peace I have something to say about some of the Bahais I have met. They are the kindest, most loving people I have known, and they dedicate themselves to teaching not the Faith in itself, but lofty ideals and great moral teachings. The Ruhi books have helped me appreciate the value of truthfulness and purity of heart, and I am sure that they are making a positive impact in the lives of many children and youth. My sponsor tells me constantly that the books are not for conversion, but for teaching high moral standards, a view to which I adhere and serve as eyewitness to.

    So, Mr. Imran Shaykh, I once again congratulate your efforts in disclosing the truth of the Bahai faith from an historical and academically rigorous standpoint, and I wish only the best to you.

  • Recently I came across the website bahaiawareness. May Allah (st) reward you for the effort. I would like to suggest that you include some useful links on the same topic in different languages. Here are some in Farsi.

  • I am most impressed by your research and dedication to accuracy in this site (bahai awareness).

  • Great site. Very important information indeed. But Baha'is are virtually nowhere criticized on the internet. Even this webpage was too hard to find. Conclusion: 1. Well done, great work. 2. more publicizing efforts please.

  • Dear Bro, words like Love, unity, peace oneness of mankind are soothing to ear, but if you see your Leaders they acted exactly opposite of it, don’t believe..! see the this blog where history is showing something else. now history you can’t deny when the leaders of faith acted differently the followers are advise not go for history instead to read the book like hidden words, tablets etc. and remind you independent investigation of truth will lead you astray.

  • nice articles, now the truth is known to everybody, a blog from a bahai who started independent investigation of truth and his belief is shattered.

  • A great site. It is good to be able to find articles which show the other side of the story and not just the version given out by the Bahais themselves. Keep up the excellent work.

  • In the last few months I learned a bit more about Bahais, and at this moment anger and fear rule my thoughts. I cannot help but thinking that Bahai 'faith' is really not only 'something bad' but actually evil, since it is designed as a trap for people who are searching.

    Honestly, I have given up talking to Bahais. It is simply too difficult for me to understand why people seem to behave like 'anti-magnets' to the Truth, and without that understanding I have no way of connecting to them in a fruitful way. Looking at everything I learned about Bahai, I can not even understand that there are people of some intellect that have been Bahai for a long time.

  • Thank you so much for this website. I had been bahai for just three months when I decided to quickly 'de-declare' myself and stay away from bahai faith alltogether. Many of the reasons I had for that, I find back at your site.

  • My name is XYZ and I reverted to Islam about a year ago. I have studied Islam as well as other religions, in the pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding, and while I respect most world religions, the Bahai faith is deplorable. I read the Kitab and I found it insulting. Why would Allah bring such a weak revalation? It did not have the eloquence, beauty and effiencay as the Quran. The Kitab in my opionion was a poor attempt to mimick the voice of Allah, and only makes the Quran look even more brillant and authentic in comparison.

  • I applaud your website. I was a Bahai for almost 20 years. The majority Baha'i are certainly in error. The Universal House of Justice is neither Universal nor is it Just. The baha'i Faith as it is today is a cult.

  • Baarikallah, Brother. I have skimmed through your notes on Bahai fitnah, and I find it well presented. I hope your other writings/ postings are also equally worthwhile.

  • Thank you for giving such good information. May Allah bless for doing such a wonderful job.

  • I have been a follower of this faith for a number of years. After reading your articles and explanation on Islam, I conclude that Islamic teaching is correct and rationale. I am convinced that Islam is a true religion revealed by God for humanity.

  • You are doing a good job. May ALLAH (s w t) reward you. AMEEN.

  • If it was not for your website, i would know nothing about this cult! Inshallah Allah rewards you with paradise. I am very grateful to have come across your site. Much appreciated brother.

  • I do understand that the Bahais are heretics, but thanks to your website, my friend is seeing the truth. Inshallah soon she will revert to Islam by her own choice.

  • The Bahais have found many topics on Imam Mahdi difficult to answer. Also many topics about the Bab. Their only argument regarding the Bab is that he was just a forerunner therefore translating the books would be irrelevant. A pathetic argument. In regards to Imam Mahdi, they claim that Bahaullah abolished Hadiths altogether since they could be fabricated. But this is contradicting their claim that the bab was the Mahdi since the Mahdi is spoken about in the Hadith!

  • Excellent site and a very important site for those who want to know the truth. Most Bahai believers are blinded by false teaching between there inter groups and false communication between themselves and others. Meeting Bahai people, it is evdient that young follows are not practing and do not care about right and wrong. For most there believe to be a higher educated and peaceful men. Most look down to other religion. Also they are not knowledgable and ofen repeat what the elders say.

  • Salam. Thanks for getting this work done for the sake of Muslims.

  • Thank you for your article. I'm looking for information on the Bahai religion. My brother became involved and I would like, if possible, to at least get him to think things through better than he has. I am Christian but appreciate your work nonetheless.

  • Great site, I converted to Islam from Bahaaiyyah 3 years ago

  • I thank you for this recognizable effort in definding our pure and ever lasting religion Islam. Inshallah I hope in your updatings to mention how the new Bahaai order approach our younger population and how they penetrate nowadays through which methodology. Best of luck! Your muslim brother.

  • How are you? I visited your site and I am very proud on you.

  • May Allah bless you and show other people what true things you have to say about the disbelivers who do not believe in true Islam.

  • Asalam alikum, Excellent information. I have reverted to the shia faith

  • Many Bahai people are originally from Iran ,Shiraz , Esfehan .. so, this site with a persian translation for its valuable articles will be a great favor for those who follow the faked relegion of Bahaism ,I hope you think about that, God bless you all .

  • I studied this site very carefully and have used it very much and asked my God to help you more to countinue this way. The Bahais are the representatives of zionism and want to delete Islam and Quran from the Islamic country.

  • God bless your work , people like you preach for the truth , while others - lied on God Almighty himself, and misled people. Thanks for everything...and I pray that Allah will reward you for what you are doing for Islam .

  • Thank you very much for your kind endeavor to defend Islam and the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We take this opportunity to appreciate your Islamic activities against the “false religions” such as bahais and etc… . Truly these endeavors are the real action to defend the noble Prophet of Islam. We are happy to have the constructive contact and relation in this issue. May Allah support you.

  • Salaams, Excellent - invormative site. May Allah give you more strength to fight against the BAHAI'S. Bahai's are the enemys of MUSLIMS and agents of ZIONISM.

  • Please send me everything on this site to my mailbox. Its worth reading and I want to download everything. Thanking you. Keep it up.

  • I appreciate your efforts and endeavors to guide the dark minded and poor bahais who have been misguided to a false and fanatic faith in our new world. I think you can show the contradictions & the lies in bahai teachings to prove that this cult is not a true faith.

  • I just wanted to email you and say that I found your website about the Bahai's really useful. I really hope you write more disputing the claims Bahai's make citing the Quran and add more to your "Quranic Verdict" section.

    I just wanted to let you know how useful you have been and wanted to encourage you to keep it up.

  • Keep it up, excellent resources to top it all the Language flows very well. Highly Impressed

  • Salamun Alaikum, This is a great job. May Allah reward u for carrying out such an important work. At present nobody is thinking to do some work againt these EVIL PEOPLE who are the latest Version of JUDAISM.

  • Thank you man, I was looking for something to expose these kafirs, but since most bahais have not even seen their holy book, it was hard, but thank you for the information.

  • What a joke on mankind! Bahaullah modifies Babism then fools innocents. So many contradictions and blatant lies! WHAT ABJECT CONTRADICTIONS!WHAT FALSEHOOD!!!! At least be sincere to yourselves.

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you for enlightening me about the truth. I am a muslim and almost thought of converting! How silly of me!

  • Its highly appreciated your attempts in revealing of this man made faith which based on political purposes of anti islam countries established and deceives the people which dont know their nature. Thank you very much.

  • Very interesting. I'm dating a Bahai, and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who sees holes in the religion.

  • Your page was a real eye-opener. Great Job!!

  • Hi! I stumbled on your website, and to my horror what you have said about the Bahai faith bewildered me, as u see my friend is Bahai. I didn't know that this faith was like they way you put it.

  • Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again ! You have a great site!

  • Thank you Imran Shaykh for informing non muslims about the dangers of this man-made non sense. Hell is waiting for these godless peaople.

  • Asalaamu alaykum, Mashallah, this site is great. It informs us Muslims of the Bahai dangers and the truth behind this cult. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless you and may you continue to fight this evil.

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