Recent developments in India regarding the Bahai Faith may come as an eye-opener for many. For long, I have maintained that the Bahai Faith is nothing but a front for Zionist activities, directed against Muslims. Ordinary Bahais and the populace at large may not be aware of the happenings behind the Faith. For them the apparent external good behaviour of Bahais is probably a sufficient cause to believe that Bahais are good in general and the Bahai Faith is progressive in nature. Hence this article will be unpalatable for many. However facts are unbiased and unprejudiced. They speak the truth and spare no person. Is the Bahai Faith really about peace and brotherhood? Or is it about embezzlement, illegal money movement and most importantly, espionage? Let us find out.

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In July 2006, Hindustan Times, a leading national daily in India reported that a few trustees of the Bahai Faith were involved in espionage by none other than their own colleagues. Taking cognizance of the complaint, a case has been filed against the trustees with the Economic Offences Wing (EoW) of the Delhi Police.

As per the documents of the case, N K Buddhiraja, general manager finance with the National Spiritual Assembly of India forged documents with the purpose of entering defence establishments. He also managed to secure documents which were passed on to Israel and Iran in exchange of foreign currency. In addition, up to 80 false passports were also made, some in the name of Iranian nationals.

One of the trustees, Payam Shoghi, named as an accused in the case was caught by the New Delhi police while trying to flee the country.

Since the story broke out there have been two follow ups - one in The Hindu (another leading Indian daily) and the other on the Internet. The links to all the three stories are provided here for the reference of my readers.

One of the stories mentions that Zena Sorabjee, the wife of the former attorney general of India, Soli Sorabjee, is one of the trustees of the Bahai organization. Needless to say, the Bahais in India seem to be well connected. This explains that despite the court proceedings, there seems to be a complete ban on the coverage of the story in all media.

Not too long ago, the Bahais were all over the media all over the world harping that their colleagues were being persecuted in Iran. Why are the Bahais keeping quiet now? There seems to be no update on this story even on the Bahai web site despite India being an important country for their propagation (remember, India is one of seven countries where the Bahais have a prayer house.)

As mentioned earlier, while this story may be unpalatable to many, for a student of the Bahai Faith for a long time, it did not come as a surprise to me.

The Bahai Faith actually espouses espionage and fraud. Pay attention to how the Bab and his followers practiced deception and dissimulation. Even Bahai missionaries followed this practice (they prayed namaz along with Muslims to deceive them) and more recently, Abdul Baha encouraged his followers to hide their true beliefs. The trustees of the National Spiritual Assembly of India have simply followed the tenets of the Bahai Faith which encourages deception and employs devious methods to achieve its aim.

Nevertheless, Bahais will do what they need to do. It is really up to ordinary Muslims like us and the general populace to recognize this deception and raise our voices against it. I sincerely hope that the Government of India and other independent agencies take note of this case and ensure that the trustees of the Bahai Faith are brought to book. This will ensure justice for the citizens of the country and also bring to front the true nature of the Bahai Faith for all to see.

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