The independent search after truth is investigating the truth and abstaining from imitations

"The independent search after truth" is one of the most important of the twelve Baha’i principles. Abd al-Baha introduced this as the first of Baha’u’llah’s principles. Although in another instance Abd al-Baha refers to the Oneness of Humanity as the first principle: "His first teaching is the Oneness of the World of Humanity."
(Ref: Abd al-Baha, Khatabat (Tehran), vol. 2, p. 5)

Baha’i’s say that any individual must investigate and seek after the truth. They must listen with their own ears, see with their own eyes, and contemplate without the influence of any love or hatred. "When humans attain the rank of [religious] maturity they must investigate and think about [the things] the servants [of God] grasp - without [the influence] of love or hatred - whilst they have trust in God, and [they] must hear and see with their own ears and eyes."
(Ref: Abd al-Hamid Ishraq Khawari, Payami Malakut (New Delhi: Mu’assisiyi Mazbuat Amri Hind, 1986), p.11 (citing Baha’u’llah).

Abd al-Baha says:
Man must independently seek the truth and abandon imitations. The nations of the world each have their own imitations and each is different (from the others). The imitations have caused war and conflict, and as long as these imitations remain, the unity of the human world is not possible. Thus, one must seek the truth so that with its light, these darkness’ disappear. For truth, is only one. It does not accept plurality or division . . . These imitations, have made the human world dark. These imitations have caused war and killings. These imitations have caused hatred and enmity. Thus, we must seek the truth so that we can be freed from all of the hardships and [our] insights can be awakened and we can find way to the Divine Kingdom.
(Ref: Abd al-Baha, Khatabat (Tehran), vol. 2, pp. 144-145)

Put more simply: Since different nations imitate different issues and do not head towards a single truth, they will always be at war with each other. They should put aside these imitations and independently search for the truth so that all problems are solved.

He says, those who are fair will examine, research, and inquire. This examination and inquiry will result in their guidance . . . they say: "We will go and see, and we will investigate the truth."
(Ref: Abd al-Baha, Khatabat (Egypt), vol.1, pp. 189)

Of course, it is clear that seeking the truth is very important, but what it is more important than seeking what is right, is accepting it. This means if a truth is found, it must be accepted, or else, based on Abd al-Baha’s words, the slogan of seeking the truth will not solve any problem.

With this point in mind, we will commence on analyzing the principle of "The Independent Search After Truth, Unfettered by Superstition or Tradition.

The articles have been based on the book "Avaze Dohol" - the Beating of the Drum by Masoud Basiti, Zahra Moradi.

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