The Bahai Doubt

After getting the proofs for the name of Imam Mahdi (as), the Bahais claim that there is no specific nass (appointment) from the Holy Prophet (saw) and other Imams (as) about Imam Mahdi (as).

Our response - The Shiah Viewpoint

Before actually proceeding to answer this doubt, we request our Bahai readers to understand the correct literal meaning of the "Bab". In Arabic terminology, "Bab" means Gate. As per the Bahais, this was the title chosen by Mirza Ali Mohammed for himself, implying that he was the means, the source and the Gate to the hidden Imam, who was none other than Hujjat Ibne Hasan, Imam Mahdi (as).

This has been witnessed by none other than Mirza Ali Mohammed Bab himself who in a dua to Allah (swt) mentions the name of all Imams till the 12th Imam, Imam Hujjat Ibnil Hasan (as).
(Ref: Sahifae' Adaliyah, page 18 and page 27) - Download in ZIP format
(Ref: Dalaaelus Sabah, page 47) - View in JPG format

Can there even be an iota of doubt after reading this?

On the topic of Nass of Imam Mahdi (as), it is possible to write volumes on this subject. For the sake of brevity we shall try to provide some of the proofs here. We commence our effort with a reference from none other than Allah himself.

Appointment by Allah (swt)

The tradition of Jabir Ibne Abdullah Ansari which is reported from multiple sources informs us about Sahifae' Fatemah which is also famous as Lauhe' Fatemah. This was brought down by Hazrat Jibrael (as) at the time of the birth of Imam Hussain (as) and presented to the Holy Prophet (saw) who gave it to Janabe Zahra (sa) for safekeeping. In this Hadeese' Qudsi (the word of God himself which is not a part of Quran), after mentioning the names of all the Imams in sequence, Allah says, "Then I will complete this succession by the son of Imam Hasan Askari (as), M-H-M-D who is a mercy of the worlds, the perfection of Musa, the brilliance of Isa and the patience of Ayyub."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51 page 5, Chapter of Nosoos Ala Ithna Ashari)

Note: This tradition is also reported by Mirza Hussain Ali "Bahaullah, the self proclaimed prophet of the Bahai religion. Shoghi Effendi in his book 'Qarne' Badiee' writes in volume 1, page 356 of the same book that Bahaullah has confirmed the above tradition in his book Iqan.

Appointment by Holy Prophet (saw)

The Holy Prophet (saw) after narrating the names of the Imams in sequence beginning with Hazrat Ali (as) says, "Allah has placed in the loins of Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari (as), a pure and chaste seed of Imamate. Happy and satisfied will be the person who accepts the covenant and promise of his mastership and every person who denies him will be an apostate. That son of Imam Askari (as) will be a pious Imam, one with a pleasing personality and pure countenance and the guide for the creatures. He is the Mahdi. He will judge amongst the people with justice and will exhort the people towards it. When the all the signs are evident, he will reappear from Mecca"
(Ref: Behar, volume 36 page 207)

The Holy Prophet (saw) after declaring the Imamate of Ameerul Mo'meneen Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as) and that of Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as) says, "After Hussain, nine of my sons will be the Imams for the people and the ninth of these will be the Qaem of my community."

Appointment by Hazrat Ali, Ameerul Mo'meneen (as)

Ameerul Mo'meneen Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as) used to say, "Welcome, O son of the Prophet!" when Imam Hasan (as) presented himself before Hazrat Ali (as). When Imam Hussain (as) presented himself before Hazrat Ali (as), he was greeted as, "May my parents be sacrificed on you, O the one who is the possessor of the one with the best forefathers" When the people questioned Ali (as) about this personality, he (as) said, "He is the one who is lost, driven and the struggler M-H-M-D, the son of Hasan the son of Ali, the son of Mohammed, the son of Ali, the son of Musa, the son of Ja'far, the son of Mohammed, the son of Ali, the son of Hussain." Then Ali (as) placed his hand on the forehead of Imam Hussain (as) and said, "This Hussain."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51 page 110)

Appointment by Imam Hasan (as)

In response to his detractors who questioned his peace treaty, Imam Hasan (as) wile mentioning Hazrat Qaem (as) said, "The Qaem is the ninth son of my brother Imam Hussain (as)."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51, page 132)

Appointment by Imam Hussain (as)

Imam Hussain (as) said, "My ninth son will be the Qaem for this ummat (community)."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51, page 133)

Appointment by Imam Ali Zaynul Abedeen (as)

Imam Zaynul Abedeen (as) while mentioning the chain of Imamate said, "When your son Ja'far is born then name him Ja'fare' Sadiq (as) for a person will be born in your fifth generation who will be Ja'far but will rise against Allah and will false claim Imamate for himself. This person will be a liar in front of Allah (Ja'fare' Kazzab). This person will oppose his father and will be jealous of his brother. He will seek to expose the hidden proof of Allah." After narrating this, the Imam was overcome with emotion and then he enumerated the other oppressions of Ja'fare' Kazzab.
(Ref: Behar, volume 36 page 386)

Appointment by Imam Mohammed Baqir (as)

Imam Baqir (as) revealed a divine engraving created 2,000 years prior to the creation of Hazrat Adam (as) to Dawood ibne Katheer. On it was engraved the following verse of the Quran, "Surely the number of months before Allah..." The verse was followed by the words, "There is no God except Allah and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah". This was followed by the names of the twelve Imams (as).
(Ref: Behar, volume 36 page 393)

Appointment by Imam Ja'fare' Sadiq (as)

While narrating the sequence of Imamate, Imam Ja'fare' Sadiq (as) says, "And after him, Mohammed will be the son of Hasan (as)"
(Ref: Behar, volume 36 page 397)

Appointment by Imam Musa Kazim (as)

Yunus Ibne Abdur Rahman questioned Imam Musa Kazim (as), "Are you the one who will rise (Qaem ) with the Truth?" The Imam replied, "Yes, I too am the Qaem, but the Qaem who will cleanse the earth from the enemies of Allah and establish justice on this earth as it will be rife with injustice and equality is the fifth son of my generation. He will be in occultation for a long time."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51 page 151)

Appointment by Imam Ali Reza (as)

Debele' Khuzai was an esteemed poet who often recited verses in praise of Ahle Bat (as). On one occasion, he was in the presence of Imam Reza (as) and after having heard his composition, Imam Reza (as) asked him, "O Debel, the Imam mentioned in your poems that will reappear, do you know who he is?" Debel replied, "No I do not know much, except that he will be from your progeny." The Imam replied, O Debel, "After me Mohammed ibne Ali will be the Imam and after him, Ali ibne Mohammed and after Ali, his son, Hasan will be the Imam. After Hasan, his son Al Hujjat Al Qaem Al Muntazar will be the Imam. He will be in occultation."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51 page 154)

Appointment by Imam Mohammed Taqi (as)

Imam Mohammed Taqi (as) says, "Our Qaem will be the third son from my progeny."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51, page 156)

Appointment by Imam Ali Naqi (as)

Imam Ali Naqi (as) says, "After me, my son Hasan will be the Imam and after him, his son will be the Imam who will be the Qaem and will fuill the earth with justice and equality."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51, page 159 and 160)

Appointment by Imam Hasan Askari (as)

Imam Hasan Askari (as) said to his companion Musa bin Ja'far Baghdadi, "It is as if I am seeing that after me, the people harbor doubts about my successor. Beware! If one believes in us (Imams) but doubts the Imamate of my son Mohammed, it is as if he has accepted the prophethood of all prophets and denied the prophethood of the Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (saw). Just as the one who denies the prophethood of the Holy Prophet (saw) will be deemed to have denied all the prophets; in the same manner, the one who denies the last of us Imams will be regarded as having denied the first of us."

In another tradition, he (as) says, "After me my successor will be my son. He will be the proof from Aale' Mohammed (as) (The Family of Mohammed)."

In another tradition, he (as) says, "When your master will be hidden because of the injustices from the unjust, then you await his reappearance."
(Ref: Behar, volume 51, page 159 and 160)

Our Conclusion

After reading the above traditions, it is necessary for every Bahai worth his salt to accept and to declare his faith in the true Imam Mahdi (as). This become imperative considering that all Bahais even the Babis are unanimous in their beliefs till the eleventh Imam.

And the above traditions are only a few amongst many on the subject. Those who are desirous of more traditions can refer to traditions quoted in Beharul Anwar (Those that appear before and after the traditions quoted with the above references) on the subject. Inshallah this will not only serve to strengthen their belief in this regard, but also be a source of great reward as well. The book of Wasaelush Shiah will also be helpful in this regard.

We would like to present this question to the Bahais. In the above section we have brought at least 14 traditions that clearly indicate the appointment of Hazrat Hujjat Ibnil Hasan, Al Mahdi (as). Even the "Mahdi of the Bahais" - the Bab confesses to the truth in his work Sahifae' Adaliyah. Can the Bahais present even a single tradition from our Imams that can establish the veracity of the position of Bahaullah or the Bab?

The efforts of the Bahais to deviate ordinary Muslims from the truth may not have the desired effect, but it definitely does create a doubt in the minds of the masses. Hence it is the duty of every speaker and Islamic scholar to narrate as many traditions as possible on the subject of Imam Mahdi (as) to dispel such doubts from the minds of people. The Holy Prophet (saw) says, "One who dies without recognizing the Imam of the time dies the death of ignorance (apostasy)." When the Shiahs are guided towards the true Mahdi (as), they will not be deviated towards falsehood. In fact the very recognition of the true Imam will be a source of protection from misguidance. As Imam Hussain (as) when questioned about the recognition of Allah said that "in every era, the recognition of the Imam of the Time is the recognition of Allah"

It is also our duty as parents that we do not send our children to those schools which are run by the enemies of Imame' Zaman (as). For Ameerul Mo'meneen Ali (as) says, "The education of children is similar to etching a mark on stone. It will not disappear." How is it possible that by sending our children to Bahai schools, we apparently prepare him for this world but are responsible for sending him to hell in the hereafter.

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