A fundamental teaching of Bahá'u'lláh is the oneness of the world of humanity. Addressing mankind, He says: "Ye are all leaves of one tree. And the fruits of one branch." By this it is meant that the world of humanity is like a tree, the nations or peoples are the different limbs or branches of that tree and the individual human creatures are as the Fruits and blossoms thereof. In this way His Holiness Bahá'u'lláh expressed the oneness of humankind whereas in all religious teachings Of the past, the human world has been represented as divided into two Parts, one known as the people of the Book of God or the pure tree and the other the people of infidelity and error or the evil tree. The former were considered as belonging to the faithful and the others to the hosts of the irreligious and infidel; one part of humanity the recipients of divine mercy and the other the object of the wrath of their Creator. His Holiness Bahá'u'lláh removed this by proclaiming the oneness of the world of humanity and this principle is specialized in His teachings for He has submerged all mankind in the sea of divine generosity. Some are asleep; they need to be awakened. Some are ailing; they need to be healed. Some are immature as children; they need to be trained. But all are recipients of the bounty and bestowals of God.
(Abdul-Baha, Baha'i World Faith - Abdul-Baha Section, p. 246)

A religion whose founders state that the practice of shunning has been abolished and nullified and those we should see no one as an enemy or draw lines between ourselves and others; and yet we see that the Universal House of Justice asking the Bahais to practice these very things, shunning, seeing enemies, drawing lines.

A communication from the UHJ:
The need to protect the Faith from the attacks of its enemies may not be generally appreciated by the friends, particularly in places where attacks have been infrequent. However, it is certain that such opposition will increase, become concerted, and eventually universal. The writings clearly foreshadow not only an intensification of the machinations of internal enemies, but a rise in the hostility and opposition of its external enemies, whether religious or secular, as the Cause pursues its onward march towards ultimate victory. Therefore, in the light of the warnings of the Guardian, the Auxiliary Boards for Protection should keep "constantly" a "watchful eye" on those "who are known to be enemies, or to have been put out of the Faith", discreetly investigate their activities, alert intelligently the friends to the opposition inevitably to come, explain how each crisis in God's Faith has always proved to be a blessing in disguise, and prepare them for the "dire contest which is destined to range the Army of Light against the forces of darkness".
(The Universal House of Justice, the Institution of the Counselors, p. 16)

One must ask oneself why Baha'u'llah would remove the past religious practice of dividing humanity the "pure tree"-"the faithful", from "the evil tree"-"the irreligious" only to have the Universal House of Justice itself reinstate the very same past religious practice of dividing humanity: "the army of light" from "the forces of darkness"?

Why do Baha'is so easily and conveniently dismiss the universal teachings of the Baha'i faith? Why are the universal teachings within the Baha'i faith in effect eliminated through demoting them to mere "Councils of perfection"?

It is little wonder that the Baha'i faith is presently suffering from full blown: "tragic effects have been to impede the current of inspiration, discourage independent intellectual activity, focus attention on the minutiae of rituals and too often engender hatred and prejudice towards those following a different sectarian path from that of self-appointed spiritual leaders."

When such fine individuals as Sen McGlinn, Juan Cole, Fredrick Glysher, Jeffery Godberg. Nosrat Bahremand, Alison Marshall [READ MORE] are shown the door, are erased from Baha'i membership rolls as though they never existed, it is a clear indication that the Baha'i Faith is in deep denial and in deep dysfunction. So deep that Baha'i membership numbers are so grossly exaggerated, manipulated, and so far from reality that only the delusional or uninformed would believe them to be true.

The Baha'i Faith, as an organization, is so far from reality that the "self appointed" members of the Universal House of Justice cannot even see how their own words apply perfectly to themselves, as well as to the Hands:

The truth is Organizations through many facades and colorful schemes try to enslave the humanity; Baha’i Faith through the façade or slogan of human freedom, universal religion, equality of men and women; world peace and unity; has connived to do the opposite; that is slavery; destruction of peace and tranquility; espionage, hawala, passport fraud, leakage of classified documents, the list of evil is added every day, the list is never ending. In this short treatise, we will focus only on their new evil invention of ex-communication and ex-communication only.


  • What is Excommunication
  • Why does Excommunication takes place?
  • Excommunication in Bahai Faith
  • Why excommunication in Bahai Faith to such an extent?
  • How people are excommunicated in Bahai Faith
  • How to deal with excommunication
  • Excommunication by central figures of the Bahai Faith
  • Narratives of those who left the Faith due to apathy of Bahai Administration

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