The Bab, Bahaullah, and Abdul Baha have given orders and have uttered words, that are unacceptable to any sound mind. Some of these words clearly contradict proven scientific facts and established laws of nature. Since these words contradict both science and reason, then, according to Abdul Baha, both the Bab and Bahaullah’s creeds are illusions and void. We will gradually show these examples in the next sections.

  • Part I - Bahaism is the Criterion for the Validity of Reason and Science

Bahaism is the Criterion for the Validity of Reason and Science

The first and utmost problem is that Bahaullah, neither regards reason nor science, as a usable tool for recognizing the truth about a religion. Rather, he believes that Bahaism is the yardstick of truth and anything uttered in it however unscientific and unreasonable that it may be is the absolute truth. He believes that the correctness of peoples’ knowledge and reason must be measured using the words of Bahaullah, not the other way around:

Say: O leaders of religion! Weigh not the Book of God with such standards and sciences as are current amongst you, for the Book itself is the unerring Balance established amongst men. In this most perfect Balance whatsoever the peoples and kindreds of the earth possess must be weighed, while the measure of its weight should be tested according to its own standard, did ye but know it.
Bahaullah, The Kitabi Aqdas, p. 56

According to Bahaullah, science is not a means of weighing the book of Aqdas, rather science and everything the people possess must be weighed and compared with the book of Aqdas!

The following quotes-that we already mentioned in chapter one-clearly show that Bahaism is a yardstick for measuring ones reason and science:

The general criterion is what we mentioned and any soul who has success in it, meaning recognizes and realizes the Sunrise of Manifestation (meaning himself), will be mentioned in the Divine Book as someone who possesses reason or else he will be (mentioned as) ignorant even if he himself thinks that his reason equals that of the whole world.
Abd al-Hamid Ishraq Khawari, Ma’idiy-i asimani, vol. 7, p. 160

No one has denied or will deny what has been revealed by the Ancient Pen (meaning himself) in this Most Great Manifestation regarding society, unity, manners, rites, and being occupied with what has benefits for the people, except that he completely lacks reason.
Bahaullah, Iqtidarat wa chand lauh digar, p. 168

If today, someone grasps all of the knowledge on earth but stops at the word ‘yes’ (meaning does not become a Baha’i), the Lord will not pay attention to him (ladi l-Haqq madhkur na) and he will be considered as the most ignorant amongst the people.
Bahaullah, Iqtidarat wa chand lauh digar, p. 111

From now on nobody is to be called knowledgeable, except those who have decorated themselves with the garment of this New Affair (meaning those who have become Bahais).
Bahaullah, Badi`, pp. 138-139

If reason and science are not a criterion for recognizing the truth about a religion, then what is?

It would have been better if this principle was called "Science and Reason Must be in Conformity With Bahaism" instead of "Religion Must be in Conformity With Science and Reason."

The articles have been based on the book "Avaze Dohol" - the Beating of the Drum by Masoud Basiti, Zahra Moradi.

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