Death Occurs After Decomposition
When Abdul Baha wants to explain that the soul is immortal, he utters these words: The whole physical creation is perishable. These material bodies are composed of atoms; when these atoms begin to separate decomposition sets in, then comes what we call death. This composition of atoms, which constitutes the body or mortal element of any created being, is temporary.
Abdul Baha, Paris Talks, pp. 90-91

In most if not all cases, death occurs before decomposition. Abdul Baha claims the opposite, and says first material bodies start decomposing then death occurs!

Atoms are Indestructable
Scientific philosophy has demonstrated that a simple element (‘simple’ meaning ‘not composed’) [sic] is indestructible, eternal. The soul, not being a composition of elements, is, in character, as a simple element, and therefore cannot cease to exist.
Abdul Baha, Paris Talks, pp. 90-91

By simple element, he is clearly referring to atoms. He claims atoms are indestructible. This had already been proved wrong in theory by Einstein in 1905 (seven years before Abdul Baha uttered these words). And if he had any superhuman knowledge (Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Bahaullah, p. 134) he would have known how wrong his words-that were based on wrong scientific facts of those times-were.

What is strange is the fact that based on a few very vague quotes, Bahais claim that Bahaullah and Abdul Baha have spoken about and prophesized nuclear power. This is totally unreasonable, because nuclear power is based on the destruction of atoms whilst Abdul Baha is uttering in a very clear manner that he believes atoms are indestructible. The first quote is from Abdul Baha:

Scientific discoveries have greatly increased material civilization. There is in existence a stupendous force, as yet, happily, undiscovered by man. Let us supplicate God, the Beloved, that this force be not discovered by science until Spiritual Civilization, i.e. the Kingdom, shall dominate the human mind. In the hands of men of lower material nature, this power would be able to destroy the whole earth.
Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Bahaullah, vol. 4, p. 225

Nuclear energy is based on the destruction of atoms. How can one accept that this vague statement is referring to nuclear energy whilst the same person who uttered it had stated that atoms are indestructible?

All Stars Are Inhabited by Animals That Have Souls and Move
As we previously showed Bahaullah believes that all planets are inhabited by Aliens. Abdul Baha has similar beliefs that are even more radical. He claims all stars are inhabited by aliens:

All celestial stars have special creatures. When this planet earth that is comparably infinitely small is not empty and in vain, then these great bright shining [heavenly] bodies are a different matter altogether (meaning they definitely possess life). It has been explicitly [mentioned] in the Quran, "And from His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the animals/beasts (dabbah) He scattered in both of them." He says in both of them not in it (meaning only earth). It is very clear that in both of them there are creatures that have souls. For dabbah (animal/beast) is used [to refer to] a creature that has a soul and moves.
Abdul Baha, Muntakhabati az makatib Hazrat Abdul Baha (Germany: Mu’assisiyi Ma?bu`at Amri Alman), vol. 6, no. 480

Abdul Baha explicitly states these creatures have souls and move. It is also evident from the context that he believes these creatures live on the stars! He iterates elsewhere to make this point perfectly clear:

He explicitly says in the Quran, "And from His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the animals/beasts (dabbah) He scattered in both of them." This means that there are [creatures] that have souls in both the sky and Earth. Thus it is clear that all these bright [heavenly] bodies are inhabited and the light of truth shines and beams in all of them. God has not created these infinite bright [heavenly] bodies in vain.
Abdul Baha, Muntakhabati az makatib ?a?rat Abdul Baha, vol. 6, no. 481

This belief has also been echoed in an Arabic tablet where he even goes as far as giving a rough description of these creatures:

Regarding (the question about) the species of these creatures and if they are like the creatures on earth, (the answer is) yes. But their difference is like the difference between sea dwelling, land dwelling, air dwelling, and fire dwelling animals and the difference in their nature and the variance in the balance of elements (that create them). These creatures differ in the composite parts that they are created from.
Abdul Baha, Makatib, vol. 1, p. 120

We already showed that these claims are baseless and scientifically wrong. One wonders what Abdul Baha means by fire dwelling (al-maujudat al-nariyya) creatures?!

Blessed Animals Don’t Have Patriotic Quarrels
Abdul Baha says: The blessed animals engage in no patriotic quarrels. They are in the utmost fellowship with one another and live together in harmony. For example, if a dove from the east and a dove from the west, a dove from the north and a dove from the south chance to arrive, at the same time, in one spot, they immediately associate in harmony. So is it with all the blessed animals and birds. But the ferocious animals, as soon as they meet, attack and fight with each other, tear each other to pieces and it is impossible for them to live peaceably together in one spot. They are all unsociable and fierce, savage and combative fighters.
Abdul Baha, Bahai World Faith-Selected Writings of Bahaullah and Abdul Baha (Abdul Baha’s Section Only), pp. 287-288

We don’t know what a blessed animal is, but if Abdul Baha had paid close attention to pigeons and doves he would have seen that they too engage in quarrels and feather-plucking for a variety of reasons. Furthermore there are many ferocious animals that live peacefully with each other in large groups and packs. Lions, wolves, and dogs are obvious examples. Abdul Baha believes that even wolves and dogs hunt alone and cannot live in groups:

Among the beasts of prey each kind liveth apart from other species of its genus, observing complete antagonism and hostility; and whenever they meet they immediately fight and draw blood, gnashing their teeth and baring their claws. This is the way in which ferocious beasts and bloodthirsty wolves behave, carnivorous animals that live by themselves and fight for their lives . . . dogs, wolves, tigers, hyenas and those other beasts of prey, are alienated from each other as they hunt and roam about alone.
Abdul Baha, Selections From the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, p. 287

The Sun is Stationary, Fixed, and Ever Occupies the Same Space The animal cannot become aware of the fact that the earth is revolving and the sun stationary. Only processes of reasoning can come to this conclusion. The outward eye sees the sun as revolving. It mistakes the stars and the planets as moving about the earth. But reason decides their orbit, knows that the earth is moving and the other worlds fixed, knows that the sun is the solar center and ever occupies the same place, proves that it is the earth which revolves around it.
Abdul Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 417

It is a known fact that the sun-like other stars in the Milky Way galaxy -is in constant motion and it does not occupy the same place.

The Pupil of the Eye is the Source of Light
Abdul Baha says: Although the pupil of the eye is black in color, but it is the mine of light. You must become like this. The essence must be luminous not the face. Thus say with utmost certitude and sureness, "O Lord, make a dazzling light, a glowing lamp, and a rising star, so that I may illuminate the hearts by the shining beam of the Abha kingdom."
Abdul Baha, Makatib (Tehran: Mu’assisiyi Milli Ma?bu`at Amri, 134 B.), vol. 7, pp. 60-61

These words are a clear reference to the emission theory that is the incorrect belief that a beam of light is generated in the eye which bounces off objects and returns to the eye and creates vision.

Some might claim that what he meant by mine is the place where light is entrapped in the eye. This is incorrect because firstly, a mine is a source for something, and secondly, words like essence must be luminous, dazzling light, and glowing lamp that come after this sentence, clearly show that he meant the pupil is the source of light.

Deductive Reasoning
Usually, when Abdul Baha wants to prove a concept, he puts forward an example then based on that example tries to prove a concept. This method, if used correctly, can be of some use. Unfortunately, Abdul Baha’s examples are usually logically flawed. For instance he uses three creatures to prove males are superior to females in one instance, then uses three other creatures to prove that females are superior to males in another:

Abdul Baha smiled and asked: "What will you say if I prove to you that the woman is the stronger wing?" The answer came in the same bright vein: "You will earn my eternal gratitude!" at which all the company made merry. ‘Abdu’l-Baha then continued more seriously: "The woman is indeed of the greater importance to the race. She has the greater burden and the greater work. Look at the vegetable and the animal worlds. The palm which carries the fruit is the tree most prized by the date grower. The Arab knows that for a long journey the mare has the longest wind. For her greater strength and fierceness, the lioness is more feared by the hunter than the lion.
Abdul Baha, Abdul Baha in London, pp. 102-103

A woman’s question was referred to him who had asked why hasn’t God made any woman Prophets and why have all Divine Manifestations been men. He answered: "Although women and men share the same capacities and abilities, there is definitely no doubt that men are superior and stronger. Even in animals like pigeons, sparrows, peacocks, and other [birds] this advantage is visible.
Mahmud Zaraqani, Bada’i` al-athar, vol. 1, p. 153

The articles have been based on the book "Avaze Dohol" - the Beating of the Drum by Masoud Basiti, Zahra Moradi.

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