1. Is the Principle "Religion Must Be in Conformity with Science and Reason" New?
Abdul Baha: This principle is a new vista proclaimed by Bahaullah.
Abdul Baha: The first Shia Muslim Imam, Imam `Ali, has said that religion must be in accord with science.

2. If Religion Contradicts Reason Which One Is Incorrect?
Abdul Baha: If religion contradicts science and reason, that religion is an illusion.
Bahaullah and Abdul Baha: If religion contradicts science and reason, the human mind is to be blamed.

3. Is Science Good or Bad?
Abdul Baha: The difference between man and animal is science and reason. "The highest virtue of the human world is science for it is the discovery of the truth of things."
The Bab: Teaching anything but my books is forbidden. All non-Babi books must be burned.

4. Is Babism a True Religion: Books and Teaching
Abdul Baha: "If religious matters are against science and reason, they are illusions."
The Bab: Do not teach but my books, do not argue but by my words, do not own but my writings.

5. Is Babism a True Religion: Destroy Anyone and Everything Non-Babi
Abdul Baha: "If religious matters are against science and reason, they are illusions."
The Bab: Destroy anyone and anything non-Babi.

6. Is Babism a True Religion: Food and Medicine
Abdul Baha: "If religious matters are against science and reason, they are illusions."
The Bab: Do not buy, sell, or use medicine. Not drinking donkey milk will make you pious.

7. Is Babism a True Religion: Guidelines for Going on Journeys
Abdul Baha: "If religious matters are against science and reason, they are illusions."
The Bab: "Do not go on journeys but [1] for the sake of God and [2] if you are going to (visit) He Whom God Shall Make manifest or [3] (visiting) those who have faith in him. And He orders you to take the leaves of trees and eat them [!] and walk above [!] the earth with your legs!"

8. Is Babism a True Religion: Some Miscellaneous Laws
Abdul Baha: "If religious matters are against science and reason, they are illusions."
The Bab: Renew your books every 202 years by throwing them in water or giving them to someone else. If you truly believe in God you must not ride cows or make them carry loads. "Do not wear clothes that will frighten children!" "Do not buy or sell the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water)!"

9. Does the Quran Say Everything Is Living?
Abdul Baha: It says in the Qur’an that all things are living.
Qur’an: "We made from water everything living."

10. The Criterion for Being Knowledgeable and Reasonable in the Baha'i Creed?
Esslemont (Baha’i author): "The religious world owes a debt of gratitude to the men of science who helped to tear such worn-out creeds and dogmas to tatters and allowed the truth to step forth free."
Bahaullah: If you don’t become a Baha’i you are ignorant even if you possess all the science in the world. If you do not become a Baha’i you have no reason.

11. Was the Tablet of Wisdom Revealed in Persian?
Shoghi: The tablet of wisdom was revealed in Persian.
The tablet was revealed by Bahaullah in Arabic!

12. Is Shoghi Infallible?
Shoghi: I am only infallible in matters regarding the faith and interpreting it.
Shoghi makes errors when speaking about Bahaullah’s Tablet of Wisdom and claims it was revealed in Persian while it was revealed in Arabic.

13. Can Shoghi Fit the Role of Being the Authorized Interpreter of Baha'i Texts?
Abdul Baha: Shoghi is the authoritative interpreter of the words of God.
Shoghi is unsure in interpreting the words of Bahaullah and uses the words may and probably. He doesn’t even consider his own translations as final.

14. Are the Bab's Words Divine Inspirations?
Writes the Qayyum al-Asma’ by copying verses of the Quran, the end result being mostly vague incomprehensible sentences, then claims they are divine revelations.

15. Bahaullah and Divine Knowledge: Referring to Books
Bahaullah: Whenever I want to quote a book it is revealed in a tablet before my face. "You know that we did not read the books of the people and were unaware of the sciences that they possessed."
Bahaullah: I searched in vain for a book to see what the author had written in it until I finally found it! I used to read books when I was a child.

16. Bahaullah and Divine Knowledge: Historical Facts
Claims the words in the Tablet of Wisdom are divine revelations from God and quotes verbatim therein, wrong historical facts from other history books.

17. Bahaullah and Divine Knowledge: Citing Verses of the Quran
Bahaullah: Whenever I want to quote Holy Books and scriptures they are revealed in a tablet before my face.
Bahaullah multiple distortions while citing verses of the Quran in the Iqan. The Universal House of Justice Says it is no big deal!
Abdul Baha: Those who distort two letters from the verses of the Quran are leaders of those who are in hell and their followers are lowly flies.

18. Bahaullah and Divine Knowledge: Revisions in the Divine Texts
Bahaullah revealed a Holy book, found out that it had multiple grammatical mistakes and discovered many errors in citing the verses of the Quran. He then proceeded to revise it, and gave out a second version, and then claimed "the latter is better and more appropriate"!

19. Bahaullah and Adhering to the Customs of the Previous People
In matters of sex, Bahaullah adhered to the customs of Muslims and took three wives. However he forbids this for everyone else. When citing the Quran, he put aside the custom of the Muslims in carefully citing the exact verses of the Quran and erroneously cites many verses in the book of Iqan.

20. Bahaullah and Citing Shia Narrations
Bahaullah forged many narrations and distorted many others to prove that the Bab was divine. He then labeled the Shia as being unmindful selfish shunners of truth because they did not believe in his forged and distorted narrations.

21. Abdul Baha and Citing Verses of the Quran
‘Abdul-Baha distorted dozens of verses from the Quran. He announced those who distort two letters from the verses of the Quran are leaders of those who are in hell and their followers are lowly flies. Yet he distorted the same verse of the Quran that he is using to bash Mirza Ya?ya because Mirza Yahya had misplaced two letters in it!

22. The Bab’s Education
Abdul Baha: "(1) It was universally admitted by the Shi’is that (2) He had never studied in any school and (3) had not acquired knowledge from any teacher (4) all the people of Shiraz bear witness to this."
Four false statements in a single sentence.

23. Is It in Accordance with Reason to Prohibit Someone from Doing Something in the Past?
The Bab, while about 29 years old, gave orders to his childhood teacher to not hit him until he is five years old!

24. Had Bahaullah Associated with the Learned and the `Ulama?
Abdul Baha: "As all the people of Persia know, He had never studied in any school, nor had He associated with the `ulama or the men of learning."
Abdul Baha: My father used to associate with the learned and the `Ulama!

25. Is Quoting the Words of Others a Sign of Not Having Divine Knowledge?
Bahaullah: "I mislike the copious citation from sayings of the past; for quotation from the words of others proveth acquired learning, not the divine bestowal."
Ponder on these questions:

  • Why would Bahaullah and Abdul Baha cite hundreds of lines of poetry in their writings without acknowledging the original composers?
  • Why would Bahaullah quote verbatim many wrong passages about philosophers from Muslim historians in the Tablet of Wisdom whilst claiming the tablet is a divine revelation from God?
  • Why would Bahaullah and Abdul Baha refer countless times to the sayings of the learned men, scientists, and what has been written in the books?
  • Why would Bahaullah refer to books to gain knowledge.

26. Bahaullah’s Childhood: Happiness or Sorrow?
Abdul Baha: "The early part of His life was passed in the greatest happiness."
Bahaullah: "This oppressed one in his childhood (tufuliyyat) saw the war of the tribe of Quray?a in a book that belonged to (was authored by) Mulla Baqir Majlisi, and has been sad and sorrowful ever-since."

27. Kissing the Hand of Ones Murderer
Bahaullah: Had it not been against God’s law I would have kissed the hand of the one who intends to kill me.
Bahaullah: My followers kiss the hands of those who intend to kill them.

28. When and Where to Bury the Dead
Bahaullah: "It is forbidden you to transport the body of the deceased a greater distance than one hour’s journey from the city."
Under Bahaullah and Abdul Baha’s orders, this one hour limit changes to fifty years and thousands of kilometers for the Bab!

29. Does Bahaullah Intend to Abrogate the Book of Bayan?
Bahaullah: We will re-enforce the Bayan’s decrees and prove them. God curse those who say we abrogated it and break their mouths.
Bahaullah: The book of Bayan has been abrogated.

30. Noah’s Flood: Symbolic or Reality?
Shoghi: The flood is symbolic.
Bahaullah: The flood is a reality and destroyed everything on earth.

31. Bahaullah and Abdul Baha as Scientists

Nuclear Physics:
Coppers transmutes into Gold after 70 years!
Atoms are indestructible!

Physics: Both convex and concave mirrors focus light in a real point that creates great heat!

The Earth’s age (world’s age) is several thousand years!
All minerals possess a spirit and life.

Some creatures are created by spontaneous generation!
There is absolutely no difference and distinction between male and female plants and animals!

Chemistry: Plants survive on a watery element called carbon and hydrogen that comes from the mouth of animals!

The Sun is Stationary, Fixed, and Ever Occupies the Same Space!
All stars have planets and all these planets have countless aliens on them!
All stars have aliens living on them!

Humanitarianism: The more oppressed that you are the better. Do not protest to oppressors. Self-victimize yourself by not defending yourself! Baha’is kiss the hand of those who want to kill them!

Human rights: Confiscating peoples’ property and banishing them based on religious matters are more dear than everything that is in the Skies and earth!

Psychology: The communities must not shun the citizens for it has a demoralizing effect and will cause perversion of character; but we will shun people!

History: Empedocles was a contemporary of David and Pythagoras lived in the days of Solomon!

Linguistics: Bahaullah commits many grammatical and linguistic mistakes when writing the Iqan!

Dentistry: Humans have canine teeth to break nuts with!

Geography: Christopher Columbus discovered America using his reason!

The Pupil of the Eye is Black to Attract the Rays of the Sun!
The Pupil of the Eye is the Source of Light!

Abdul Baha claims God says in the Qur’an that everything is living! God says "We made from water everything living."
Father and son distort multiple verses from the Quran when citing them.
Bahaullah claims he is the creator of multiple Gods.

Science: Materialists believe that all things have a spirit and life!

Deductive reasoning: Since roosters are superior to hens then there is no doubt that males are superior to females and stronger. Since lioness’ are fiercer thus females are stronger and more important than males!

The articles have been based on the book "Avaze Dohol" - the Beating of the Drum by Masoud Basiti, Zahra Moradi.

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